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"Hello Kadiem. We meet again." Said the figure that had just walked through the Chronoplast.

Kadiem looked at him, squinted, then replied.


"Yes. A future Kain."

"When? How? Why?"
"Ha. You seem shocked little Kadiem. Didnít you expect your real father to show up?"

"So it is you. You're the Kain I want."


Kadiem visibly tightened his grip on his sword.


"Nice little reunion we've got here." Said my future form.

"Enough small talk. I want my revenge."

"It wont be sweet. I'm not the same man you just beat. You'll me to be somewhat more of a challenge."

"We'll see about that." Replied little Kadiem.


Kadiem began unsheathing his sword. I heard the metal blade scrapping the sheath, it was an eerie sound that sent chills down ones spine. His blade was thick, and incredibly well kept. It had a plain, yet effective combat design. It was relatively long, similar to a broad blade sword, yet distinguishably different. As the sharpened tip of the blade showed its face to the world, metal clasps suddenly appeared on each side of Kadiem hand. They shot around his hand, and intertwined, forming an impenetrable protective shield around his hand.


"Nice sword you've got there. But will it face up to mine?" Said the Kain from the future.


I suddenly realised that he had the Soul Reaver, and that mine was gone! It must have been taken from me when I was brought here! Why had I not noticed that before? I truly wasn't back to my normal self yet.


"Lets see!" Shouted Kadiem.


He dropped the sheath of his sword, and prepared for battle. Kain slowly walked down the first flight of steps of the Chronoplast, then leapt down the last flight, landing on the marble battlefield. I noticed that his hands were also clawed. How far in the future had he come from?


Kadiem gripped his sword with both hands, his right hand was protected, but his left hand was protected less. He raised his sword above his head, and charged towards Kain. Kain sprinted towards Kadiem, and he to lifted up his sword. They were on a collision course. But neither of them was going to back out.


They both started to bring their swords down, slanted oppositely. Kadiem screamed, and the future Kain seemed unfazed. They neared each other, and swung with extra force as their swords clashed. The sound of metal colliding with metal rang through out the chamber. The two vampires stood, swords raised and touching, forcing against each other. It was futile. They both simultaneously withdrew their swords, and swung their second strikes.


Their swords clashed once again, at shoulder height, and the ring of metal was sent out for the second time. The Reaver slid down Kadiem's sword, but the future Kain quickly pulled it away, swung it slightly above his head, and brought it down at an angle, towards Kadiem's right side. Kadiem had enough time to counteract. He slanted his sword to his left, and blocked my future forms attack, but the position looked uncomfortable.


They looked into one anotherís eyes, and I could sense their anger from the other side of the chamber. Kadiem kept eye contact, and started to pull his sword to a vertical plane. He was forcing against the future Kain, but he seemed strong enough to overpower Kain, and gain the advantage in the battle. Their swords, and eyes kept contact at all times. Their swords were both vertical, and they were both still pushing against each other. Kadiem quickly withdrew his sword away from Kain, towards his left shoulder.


The future Kain had seen it coming, and was only momentarily thrown off balance. He quickly recovered, and as Kadiem thrusted his sword towards Kain's chest, the future Kain merely sidestepped to his left. Kadiem was still lunging forward, whenthe future Kain counter attacked. Kain swiped the Soul Reaver, parallel to the floor, towards Kadiem right ribs. His attack was somehow thwarted, and both men quickly withdrew and stood looking at each other.


They were equals, and no attack had yet to hit home.


"Well done little Kadiem. I commend you on surviving for this long." Said the future Kain.

"Ha. I'm only warming up."

"As am I."

"Enough talk. It is time for me to get my revenge." Shouted Kadiem.

"HaHa! You still donít know the truth do you?" Replied Kain, in time to stop Kadiem from attacking.

"The truth about what?" Asked Kadiem.

"The disgrace of a vampire, your mother, the wench, hasn't told you yet. Has she?"

"How dare you insult my mother." Shouted Kadiem once more.


He ran towards Kain, and lifted up his sword for another attack. The future Kain blocked it once again. They were back where they started. Swords raised above their heads, heads dangerously close. Once again staring into each otherís eyes.


"Ha," laughed Kain, "You really don't know much do you?"

Kadiem tried to bring his sword down on Kain, but it didn't work.

"What are you talking about? Tell me now!" Shouted the now aggravated Kadiem.

"I'll test you first. If you survive. I'll think about telling you."


Kain was suddenly surrounded by a blue light, he merely forced his arms apart, and Kadiem flew across the chamber. He landed on the floor, and seemed stunned. His sword flew up to the second level, way out of anyoneís reach. The future Kain lifted up both his arms, and a pillar of red energy, red light, appeared under Kadiem. It rose upwards, and consumed Kadiem. It was too thick to see through, but the attack looked devastating. Kadiem was surely dead.


To my surprise, and my future forms amusement, Kadiem stepped out of the pillar of light. He and his clothes were completely unscathed. But how could this be? That was supposedly a powerful attack. How had Kadiem survived unscathed?