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"HaHa! So the legends are true! Ha, I knew it." Laughed Kain, he was somehow amused, but I couldn't understand why. Kadiem had just survived an attack of his.

"What legends do you speak of?" Asked Kadiem.

"Ha. You know so little."

"Stop playing with me, and get to the point."

"Only one other person ever survived my Immolation." Replied Kain.


"You came here seeking revenge. Now I string you along like a little puppy."

"Stop play with me!" Shouted the enraged Kadiem.

"Ha, you're powerless to stop me."

"Tell me!"


With that, Kadiem swiftly ran up to the future Kain, and grabbed him by the throat. I knew the Kain could have dodged it, but he seemed to be playing with Kadiem.


"Tell me now!!!" Shouted the totally aggravated Kadiem.

"Kill me, and you'll never know the truth."

"I could always just kill you, then go back to my time, and get the truth from my mother."

"She has lied to you all these years. What makes you think she'll tell you now?"


This seemed to aggravate Kadiem further, but he knew Kain was right. He had no choice but to play along with my future form, and find out that way. He took his claw off Kain's neck.


"Claudia wasn't your real mother Kadiem."

"What?!?" He said in shock.

"Face it. Your whole life has been a lie Kadiem."

"I don't believe you!" He seemed unsure as to weither to attack, or let Kain speak.

"Hide behind denial all you want. It doesnít change a thing."

"She is my mother!" Shouted Kadiem, he rushed forward once more, but the future Kain grabbed his hand, and restrained it.

"Open you eyes! There's no such thing as a Dhampir."

Kadiem lashed out with his other claw, but Kain caught it to.

"Then where do I get my power from?" Asked Kadiem.

Kain used his grip on Kadiem's hands to lift Kadiem clear off the floor, and hurl him a few meters back. Kadiem landed on his back. But quickly stood up again.


"You get them from another source."

"Who? Tell me now!"

Kadiem ran towards my future form, he lifted up his claws, and swung them down towards the future Kain. Kain merely step out of the way, and used Kadiem's fury against him. The future Kain put his foot out, and tripped Kadiem, and once again, Kadiem lay on the floor.

"The only other person that ever survived my Immolation, was the Sarafan Lord. Your grand father." Replied the future Kain.

Kadiem stood up, and replied: "What? My grand father way human?"

"You've been living a lie. Your grandfather was indeed the Sarafan Lord, and your grandmother was a vampire."

"Why would I believe you?"

"Why would you deny the truth? Only a Hylden can survive Immolation."

"I've heard of them, but they're all extinct in my time. What makes you think I'm one of them?"

"Because you grand father was a Hylden. But I killed him, along with the rest of them."

"Why?" Asked the inquisitive Kadiem. He seemed to feel no remorse towards his grand father, which was understandably as they had never met.

"The Sarafan Lord was seeking to destroy the vampire race. That can never be allowed to happen, so I killed him."
"How? If your Immolation doesn't have any effect?"

"Don't dwell in the past."

"What of my mother?" Asked Kadiem.

"You're starting to believe, aren't you?"

"I'm listening, but that's as far as I'll go to say."

"I'm not going to waste my time here Kadiem. If you donít believe me, I'll kill you soon than you would like."†††

"How are you going to kill me? We're equal, and your Immolate has no effect on me."

"Immolation is merely one of my attacks. I have stronger, and more effective methods of murder. Now tell me that you believe, and I wont kill you just yet."

"I...I...I believe." Said Kadiem unwillingly.

"That's not good enough."

"I believe you!" Shouted Kadiem.


"Now tell me about my mother."

"The woman you believe to be your mother, was a servant of the Sarafan Lord. She was instructed to rear you as her own, and to make you believe that she was special, that she was a dhampir, and that is why you are powerful. But it was all a cover up. She was instructed to bring you up hating me, so that this day would come, and that you would kill me."

"And I shall." Interrupted Kadiem.

"You already have."

"Excuse me? What did you say?"

"In my time, you killed the present Kain that you see there on the floor," The future Kain pointed at me, and Kadiem looked. It made me feel uncomfortable. "He was a past form of me, and I was travelling even further into the past, when you killed him. All the forms from this day onwards ceased to exist. But I was spared, because I was in the past. Now I have here to stop his murder, and to kill you."

"But Iím meant to kill you?' Replied Kadiem.

"Says who? Your mother? I have seen the past, present and future, and Iíve decided you aren't meant to kill me. I'm here to kill you instead, because you rule my time. You rule with an iron fist, and you killed the entire vampire race! I'm here to stop you!"

"Me? Rule Nosgoth?"

"Yes you. And if I donít kill you now, you'll grow to become incredibly powerful."

"So why the need to kill me now?"

You're blind Kadiem. With all vampires, bar you, dead. The pillars will collapse, and demons will freely roam Nosgoth. Your strength is the only thing that let you govern them. But strength can be overwhelmed."

"Why would I govern the demons?"

"What else were you to do?"

"Rule the humans!"

"Youth makes one so naive."

"Why not rule the human?" Shouted Kadiem.

"Because they to, are all dead..."