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"Dead? All of them? But how?" Exclaimed Kadiem.

"The demons killed the entire human race."

"So why did I rule the demons?"

"Open your eyes! Think before you ask stupid questions that waste my time!"

"It's all too much to process. How am I to know what will happen in the future?"

"If only you had that outlook before you killed me. It would have saved your life."

"Well if the present Kain is alive, why not just leave me to live? That way we all win."

"Have some dignity! Donít beg of me. I'm going to kill you no matter what."

"But why?" Asked Kadiem stupidly.

"You're starting to irritate me."

"Answer me Kain!"


My future form was suddenly enveloped in white. He jumped incredibly fast, across the chamber. Kadiem didn't even see it coming. My future form extended his arm, and as he landed in front on Kadiem, he grabbed his throat.


"Insolence will get you killed sooner that you wish." Whispered my future form.


Kadiem was gagging, and seemed to be in a great amount of pain.


"I'm going to kill you because the demons will unite, and overwhelm your strength with numbers. They will kill you, and then the vampire race will be no more. Gone forever. I'll kill you to save my brethren. Even though you are only a vampire because I miraculously fathered you, and you are my only true son. I'll kill you never the less."


Kain let go of Kadiem, and Kadiem fell to his knees, holding his throat, and from there he spoke: "Father? Will you kill a true born vampire?"

"If need be?"

"Spare me father!"

"Indignant fool."


My future form stepped back and prepared some sort of attack.

"Stand and face your death." Said my future form calmly.

"Yes father."


Kadiem stood up, and stretched his arms skyward. He looked up, and prepared to die.

"Now feel my wrath. As I Devour thee!"

"I'm ready father!"


The future Kain started to glow blood red. His body was surrounded in a flame of red. Kadiem to was glowing an identical red. Then my future forms glow subsided, and Kadiemís grew.


"Donít call me father! You're a bastard." Shouted Kain.

"What? In my hour of death, you reveal my life to me, then at the end, I learn that I was mistake. That I was never even meant to be!"


My future form merely smiled, then laughed. Kadiem body started to turn white. He was still surrounded by red, but his actual body had now turned white, so that none of his features were visible at all. It didnít seem to be hurting him, but I was sure that that was still to come.


"I have no dignity!" shouted Kadiem, "I've lived a lie! I must find some glory before my death!"

He charged towards my future form, and raised his claws, in an attempt to kill the future Kain. But the future Kain stretched out his arms, and screamed as if he was possessed by some dark entity. His fangs were clearly visibly, and his eyes had lost their pupils, they were merely a mass of white. He looked a Kadiem, and shouted out the words: "I Devour thee!"


Kadiem looked to be only a metre away from Kain, when the white that was his body exploded. His body had no shape, form, features or life. It was merely separated chunks of white matter that glowed red. The momentum carried the chunks past my future form, into my future form, and onto the floor before my future form. The future Kain still had his arms out stretched, and was now looking towards the sky. He had been screaming the whole time.


His body was suddenly enveloped in red once more, only it was a much more powerful than it had been previously. The remains of Kadiemís body flew into the air once more. The circled around the future Kain, inside his cocoon of red energy.


The future Kain suddenly shouted the words. "Vae Victus!", in a voice that was not his own. It was a deep, dark voice.


The swirling mass of red and white shot inwards, and was consumed, devoured, by Kain. All traces of Kadiem, bar his sword, and robe, were gone.


The future Kain was bent over, resting his hands on his knees for support. He was out of breath, panting, and looked worse for wear, but I was sure he would recover soon. Apparently sooner than I had thought. He turned to look at me and then spoke: "My task here is done. I've killed my son."