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I awoke, drenched in sweat, after that same dream. The same one I have been having for the last 4 years. It is always the same, those same eyes, that same laugh, the same feeling of power. I don't know what it all means, and I want help, but I can't seem to find it. I tried going to a shrink once, but she couldn't help. I have tried alternate healing methods, like witch doctors, that didn't work, herbal healing did not help at all. I even tried hypnosis, but as soon as the hypnotist entered my mind, he was killed. I was told that it was a freak accident, some sort of medical problem the hypnotist was having, but I know that is not true.

Deep down inside me I didn't want anybody to look into my mind. After all it is my mind, and it holds many secrets that I don't want to reveal. So I somehow managed to kill him, and that scares me, a lot. So that brings me back to the aftermath of my dream. It seems so real, yet surreal, for the things I see cannot be from this day and age. They are too horrible to even mention to another human being. I think I am seeing hell.

Every night when I wake up, scared shitless from the things I have seen, I think these things, these same thoughts, and all I can do is tell myself that it was just a dream, that I am normal. But it is a lie, and deep down I know it. So I unwillingly get up, too scared to go back to sleep, but not ready for the day. I take a shower, to cleanse myself of the terrible things that I have seen myself doing. I shave, brush my teeth, and look at my pitiful body in the mirror. It is not something to be proud of, sure at least it is not fat, but there is no muscle. Then I get dressed for work. That is all that I can do.

Work is the same old drudgery that I am used to. I sit there, at my computer, dreaming about going out that night. That is all I have, with out it, I would go insane. Nightlife is my only hope, it is where I get away from my self-pity. And tonight is going to be no exception, it will be a party of note, I will go and make it one to remember...

I walked up to the bar, hunting for some hot beef, and there were plenty to be found. But one woman in particular caught my attention. She was sitting at the bar alone. There were two people sitting on the stools on either side of her, both looking away, talking to some other guys. This was my chance, it was now or never. So I figured now, seeing as though I thought myself to be some what of a ladies man, I thought I'd try my luck. I walked up to where she was sitting, got in between her and the girl next to her, and asked her casually if I could buy her a drink. She was startled to have somebody talk to her, it looked like she had been daydreaming. We looked me in each other's eyes, and I recognized her eyes, I just could remember where I had seen them. We stood there stuck in each other's gazes, then I asked her again, "Can I buy you a drink?"
"Oh, sorry, I wasn't concentrating. Do I know you? It seems like we have met before."
"I was starting to feel that to. I don't think we've met before though."
That was the truth, I did feel like I knew her. It was something I had never experienced before, that feeling that you know the person, without actually knowing the person. It was weird.
"So what do you drink?" I asked, our eyes still locked together.
"Well I don't really mind, but I now that you mention it, I would like a Breezer."
"Sure thing. Excuse me, bar tender, could I have a beer, and a Breezer for the beautiful lady." I thought I would start to charm this woman, she was different to every woman that I have met, and I was starting to like her.
"Do you really think I am beautiful?" she asked, a bit taken aback. But that is good.
"Beautiful is an understatement, you are gorgeous."
"Stop it, you are making me blush."
"But it's true, you really are hot."
Things where starting to go my way. I wanted this woman, it was a surge that I have never felt before. This was an attraction so strong that it could not be ignored. I just hope she feels the same way…
Just then the bar tender interrupted my thoughts, and gave us our drinks. "That will be 15 rand. Are you going to pay now, or will you be staying a while?"
"Uh ,what do you say your name was again?"
"Alison. What's yours?"
"I'm Danny. So, Alison, do you want to go back to my place, or stay here a while?"
"I'd rather go to my place, if you don't mind."
"That's perfect for me. I'll just pay then we can go, I'll meet you out side."
I proceeded to pay, then I went out side to find Alison. She really was something, when I look into her eyes, I sensed a sort of inner strength. I have always been able to read people well, but she was different, I could still read her, but it just wasn't the same.

I went straight out side and started looking for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Then I heard a scream, it sounded like Alison, and it was coming from a near by alley. I dropped my beer and sprinted there as fast as my legs would carry me. As soon as I ran into the alley I knew something was wrong. It was very dark but I sensed something bad about to happen. I didn't care for my safety, I just needed to find Alison. Then I saw her, in the middle of the alley, with two men holding her. She was struggling to get away but they where too strong. I didn't want the men to know that I was there, so I ran next to the wall, under the shadows. I knew that they would hear me, but I just needed to get closer. I was starting to near them, and they still hadn't heard me, but one of them would any second now. Luckily it was Alison who heard me first. She bit the one man's hand and screamed. They panicked, and gave me the chance I needed.

While I was still running I picked up a trash can lid, I knew that they would be armed, so I should be to. The first man turned around just in time to see me, but it was to late, I bore down on him. I lifted up the lid and hid him square in the face with all my strength. It was enough to knock him to the ground. But I didn't know for how long. I had to work quickly. I had lost the advantage of surprise. The second man threw Alison to the ground, her legs where tied, so she couldn't move. The attacker took out a knife and readied himself for my attack. I was still running when I reached him, I used to lid as a shield from his knife. I blocked his jab and punched him in the face. He was knocked backwards, he dropped the knife and fell to the ground, but he wasn't down for long, my shot wasn't hard enough, I would have to do better next time. It was time for round two, I launched a huge punch at his face, he ducked down to the left just in time, but the lid still hit him on the shoulder. It hit him hard and must have hurt. I knew it was a good shot because I couldn't keep a grip on the lid, it slipped out of hand and 'clanged' on the ground.
"That was a mistake, you shouldn't have done that." The attacker cheekily replied.
"You shouldn't have taken my girl, that was a mistake."
He just laughed at me and said, "What are you going to do about it?"
"I'll kill you!"
He laughed in my face again.
After that laugh I meant it, he was mocking me, who does he think he is? Sure he is stronger and bigger than me, but I don't care, I am going to kill him now.
I decided I would do it quickly. I faked a punch to the face, which he avoided, but that left the rest of his body vulnerable. I summoned up all the strength I could and let a huge kick, aimed at his lower region, fly. It hit him square in between his legs, he didn't suspect it, it caught him completely off guard. He doubled over backwards onto the floor, howling in pain, holding his balls. This was my chance to kill him. I slowly walked to where he was lying, with my head tilted down, so that there were shadows on my eyes. I want to look as malicious as possible, and I could see from the look on his face that it was working. I was not going to let him live after what he did, and he could sense that. I wanted the murder to look like self-defense, incase I got questioned by the police, suffocation would be a good way to kill him.

When I reached him, I put his arms behind his head, and held them there by kneeling on them. I knew he was going to struggle, but I would make sure he did not get up.
"I warned you. I told you I was going to kill you."
"Please don't kill me. I beg you. Please let me live. Show mercy, please." He was screaming, I don't think he realized how pathetic he looked.
Now it was my turn to laugh.
"You brought this upon yourself."

The easiest way to suffocate him would be to hold his mouth and nose shut. So I held his nose closed, and shut his mouth for him. The look in his eyes was comical, he was begging for life, he just didn't realize that he was going to die, he still had hope, but for him, there is no hope. He was starting to struggle, but I kept him down firmly. His kicks couldn't react me, his arms were held in place, so I was safe. I could feel him getting weaker, I could feel his strength leaving him, and I didn't care, in fact I was pleased by the fact that he was going to die soon.

Alison was just sitting there, watching the whole thing. But she didn't look shocked, she was surprisingly calm, and didn't seem bothered by what she was witnessing. I looked into her eyes, and felt that same inner strength, but this time I sensed a calm sense of being as well. She was some one with great potential. Then her eyes looked away from mine, to behind me, and I knew what she was seeing. The first man was behind me, he was no longer on the ground, and I had to put him back there. If I let go of the second man and let him breath, I would be over powered and out numbered. I had to keep my hold and fight the first man. So I held number two's nose with in between my thumb and index finger. I clamped his mouth shut with the palm of the same hand. I now had one hand free. Then I put both his legs under one knee. I now had one hand and one leg free. That was enough.

I knew the first guy was getting close, but I could not turn around to look, or trust Alison's judgment of how far he was. I would have to do it myself. I had to trust my instincts, which I had always been good at. I could feel him getting close, but I needed to wait, I only had one chance at this. If I failed, I was dead. I waited a bit longer, until I could almost feel him breathing, which is some thing that the second man had stopped doing. When I was sure he was close enough, I lashed out with my right foot, hoping to connect with his lower leg. It was as if my kick was in slow motion, I could feel it moving, but time had slowed down. I was looking forward, but I knew what was happening behind me. My foot finally hit him at the top of his foot, at the very bottom of his leg. It was a hard kick that he was not expecting, so he lost his balance. He started to fall forward, towards me. I knew what I had to do. The second man was nearly dead, and this guy was a witness. I had to dispose of him.

I could sense his body falling towards me, his face was just behind my right shoulder. Luckily it was my right hand that was free. So I made my hand into a fist, tensed up my arm and let a punch fly. It was aimed for his nose, but it is hard to aim without looking. But I had my senses to rely on. My fist hit him on the bottom of his nose, his nose broke, and was forced upwards by my knuckle. It pierced through his skin at the top of his nose, and then went straight through his skull and into his brain, instantly killing him. His limp body fell in me, his bleeding face was resting on my shoulder, but I had to wait. To make sure that the second man was dead.

When I was sure he was dead, I let go of him, and shrugged the first guy off. I had killed them both, but what is done is done, so I forgot about them and moved over to Alison. She didn't look frightened, which I thought was weird, I mean normal people would be scared. But as I said she was different, she was special, and I would protect her, as I have just done. I just hope that she is okay with what I have done.