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I looked down, and at my feet there were two dead bodies. The one had blood coming from his nose, there was a huge laceration at the top of his nose. The, incredibly sharp, broken, nose bone had cut through his skull. I could see the bone penetrating his brain. He was lying in a pool of his own blood, and it looked like he had had a little accident in his pants. The other man look at peace, he was lying on his back with his arms behind his head, almost as if he was just relaxing. He was lucky compared to the other guy, the one had a horrible, violent death, and on the other hand, there was a man being freed of the stress and complications of life. Then I remembered…

I looked up, and I saw her again. So it was not a dream. She was real. Just sitting there staring at me. I had killed these men, to save her. And committing a felony for her sake and it didn't bother me. She looked like she wanted to speak, but wasn't sure of herself, or what to say. So I broke the ice for her.
"Is something wrong?"
"No…not at all… I just wanted to thank you, but I didn't know how."
"Oh, I'm sure you will think of something…Are you scared, or worried about what I did?"
"I'm shocked at what I'm about to say, but no I'm not. Surprisingly, I'm okay with it."

As soon as those words left her mouth, I rejoiced to myself. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. It is amazing what a few little words can do. I was hanging on to her every word waiting to hear what I just heard. Now I know that I still have a chance with her, I hadn't just blown my chances.
"Do you mind untying my legs please?"
"Sure. Sorry I was just thinking a bit. You must think I'm a wanker."
"Quite the contrary. I think you are great. I mean you just saved my life, and if you let me, I'd like to re-pay you."
I walked over to her, untied her legs and picked her up. I was holding her with my one hand under her bent knees, and I let the other hold her ass. I held her in a way that let her face me, so I could look into those eyes. There was something about them that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

"That's fine by me. What do you have in mind?" I smoothly replied, with a sexual connotation.

She leaned in towards me. With her eyes closed and her head tilted. I knew what was coming, and I had wanted it since the moment I laid my eyes on her. This was soon to be our first kiss. So I tilted my head, closed my eyes, and readied myself. I could see her with my eyes closed. I could see those legs, and the way they looked in tight pants, I could see her firm, but soft to the touch ass. I could see the way her pants squashed her lower region. I could see that belly ring, and that wonderful stomach. I could see those perfect tits, with her nipples sticking out. I could see her sexy shoulders, and her cleavage. I could see that long neck of hers. And her slightly pointed, but rounded, chin. I could see those succulent, wet lips. I could see her brown hair that came down to her neck. I could see her pretty nose, and those deep eyes. At that exact moment our lips touched. It was a shock to my system, almost an electric shock, which ran through my whole body, and up into my brain. Then it hit me, I knew where I had seen those eyes. They were the eyes from my dreams…

I stood up, and my head hurt. I was in a dark room, with no windows, and a weird red glow. When I looked around, all I could see was darkness. Then the red glow started to get stronger, and a throne appeared out of nowhere. It had red fabric that looked like silk, but it seemed to move, and it was glowing. The wood, if it was wood, was black with silver art work. It was brilliantly crafted and it looked extremely old, it emanated a sort of power that I had only twice before. It was the same power that I saw in Alison's eyes, and in my own eyes when I looked in the mirror.

I took the chance to take a look around, there was nothing else to be seen but the chair. So I looked at it, it had some sort of weird pattern on the back that I couldn't make out.
"Do you need some help?"
The voice startled me and I spun around, which hurt my head.
"Over here. On your throne."
I spun around again, and on the chair sat a man. He was wearing a red cape, with black and silver flames on it. When he moved the flames look real. It was an eerie effect.
"What do you mean YOUR throne?"
"It is yours Danny. Just give me a little time and I will explain every thing." Exclaimed the weird man.
"How do you know my name?"
"Let me start from the beginning. But before I start, do want any refreshments?"
"Um…no. But somewhere to sit would be nice. I'm not feeling too well."
"Sure thing. Come sit on your throne."

He got up and floated down the stairs that the chair was on. His feet didn't touch the ground at all, he just let them flop down while he floated.

"Again with the throne. How did you do that? Do you mind explaining all this?" I asked.
"Patience is a virtue. But who needs those, so I'll start. First of all my name is Albert, I am the Keeper of the Hall of Souls. That is where you are."
"What do you…"
"Please. Do not interrupt me. This is going to take a while. So sit back and relax."
"Okay" I thought this was a bit weird, but I might as well listen.
"I'll start again. I am Albert, I am the Keeper of the Hall of Souls. This place is not on earth, it exists in an alternate plain. I'm not going to go into all of that alternative universe stuff, it will take to long, just know that you are not on your planet. Can you accept that?"
"I'll try."
"Good. Now, this place was constructed for the gods meetings. I'll get onto gods now. This realm is where the gods lived, before The War."
"World War II?"
He laughed at that. "No not World War II, that was on earth, this is not earth. The War is a war that happened between the gods. Not the gods that you are told about on earth, but a war between the real gods. There were eight gods. Four were evil, four were good. The evil gods were more powerful, and this pissed the good ones off, so they started a war. The king of the good gods, or The Powers That Be, was called Holum. The queen's name was Cuelatra, their daughter was Meto, and their son was Dwenbor. They used outside forces to create a secret clan on earth, know only as The Holum. It gave them the edge they needed in The War. King Salusius, his wife Queen Aerliter and their eldest son Prince Vladeric ruled the evil gods, or The Sanari. Their younger son Nise'evuv, direct descendant of Beelze'evuv or Satan, was going to be the most powerful of all the gods. He was just an infant when The War started. The Sanari feared that Nise'evuv would be killed, so they sent him to earth to grow up away from The War. They made sure that no one knew whom he was, so he would be safe. The power in him would one day draw him back to his heritage, he is suppose to return and rule everything. He would not know much of godly ways, because of his up bringing. But when he returned he would start to learn. It was prophesied that a girl would help him to learn, and when he is ready, he will return and learn all the other things he needs to know. Now this is the most important advice I can give you, many things have been prophesied, but none of them are set in stone. Ok a few of them are literally set in stone, but that doesn't mean they can't be changed. You must do what you can to live the way you want, do not always listen to what people say, you must learn to trust your senses. Now, do you know why you are here?"
"I have no idea."
"I can see you are still a little slow from the teleportation... There is no easy way to explain this, so I'll just say it. You are Nise'evuv. You are here to rule the universe. You are the most powerful of all the gods. You are Satan. Well you will be."
After hearing that I passed out from shock…