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Alison looked back to when she first met Danny.

It was only a few hours ago, but I was already getting feelings for him. How can that be? How can I develop feelings after such a short time? It normally takes me a few weeks to feel like this. We haven't even spent a lot of time together, but I know what I am feeling. I have felt this way often enough to know what it means. But some how this is different to the normal relationships I have. It is not just the usual casual sex, waking up alone, type of relationship. I think he actually wants more than what I have in my pants. At least I hope he wants more…

I am sick of meeting a guy, flirting a bit, then going home, having sex, and waking up the next day by myself. I don't know why but it always happens to me. Always. I have never woken up next to a man, even though I have been with plenty. But I've never woken up with one by my side. They all just seem to leave in the night. Why does this happen to me? None of my friends have ever had this problem, but I have to live with it day in and day out, over and over again, and I'm sick of it. There must be something wrong with me, something that I can't see, but something that all men see in the night. Something horrible, something repulsive, something that scares every one away. What is it? I'm not that ugly am I?

Danny doesn't seem to think so, he called me hot, beautiful and even gorgeous in the bar, and then he called me his girl when he was fighting those men. And they didn't seem to find me that ugly, not that the opinion of two men that were going to rape and kill me normally matters, but in this case anybody who finds me attractive, and wont run away, matters. So what is it?

If Danny stays with me, I will not let him down, I'll help him in any way I can, I'll stay with him forever, if he lets me. The only problem is that I tell that to myself too often, no matter what the men always leave. But I don't want to wait too long before going to bed with him, because if he does leave, I want it to be early on. I just hope he doesn't leave. I really do. I mean he is really good looking, and charming, he has already protected me, and I've only know him for a few hours. He has the most intense eyes I have ever seen, they are dark brown, almost black, but there is some sort of depth in them. They give of caring looks, as well as totally evil ones, but those were not directed at me. His hair is dark brown, and I love the way it's styled. He has little indents in his eyebrows when he frowns and laughs, I don't know if indent is the right thing to call them, they look more like horns. But really sexy horns. He has the most kissable lips I have ever seen, I don't know what it us about them, but what ever it is, they make me want to get intimate with him.

There is some sort of weird attraction going on between us. I am constantly thinking about him, and I just want to be with him. I really do have a great felling about 'us', all I can do is wait and see what happens when he wakes up…

As I passed out I saw Alison face on the roof of the Hall, she was looked as beautiful as ever, in fact she was looking abnormally hot right now. She was leaning over, looking down at me. Her hair was falling over her ears, and around her face, it made her look like one of those super models you see in adverts for some brilliant new shampoo, and I liked the look. She was wearing a dress that showed off her wonderful cleavage, and when she leaned over it exaggerated 'their' size. She had some sort of lip-gloss on, it was dark red and shiny, it makes me want to get intimate with her. Her eyeliner was bright blue, and her eyes lashes had been coloured and curled. This was with out a doubt the most beautiful she has ever looked. I suppose I have only just met her, but I don't think she can get any better than this.

She carried on looking at me, with those big green eyes, then she called my name, and I jerked away from the floor of the hall, sitting up right on the floor of some other room. I caught her completely off guard, she was startled and looked like she had seen a ghost.
"Are you alright?" Danny asked.
She was breathing deeply, and she held her heart.
"I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry if I did."
"You did. But it's not your fault, you can't choose when to wake up. I have been sitting here for hours, with a wet cloth on your head, just calling your name, and waiting. When you finally woke up, I wasn't expecting it. I guess I was in some sort of trance. I just wasn't concentrating. So it's not your fault, please don't feel bad. " Begged Alison.
"I still feel bad. Are you sure you're alright?"
"Give me a minute and I'll be fine." I said.
"Anything for you." Danny replied.

Why is he so nice to me? Why does he treat me so well? Is he that much different to all the others? I have all these questions, but no answers. I keep asking myself why, but there is no response. I could ponder all I want, but that wont get me any answers. The only way to get answers is to ask the question. But I'm afraid of asking him things like that so early on. So I will just keep asking myself the same questions.

"You look really shocked. Is there anything I can do?" asked Danny.
"No thanks I'm fine. We have been here for quite a while. After you went into that trance, I half carried, half walked you back here. Then I set you down on the bed, and tried to wake you up. You didn't respond, so I got myself something to drink, and I slipped into something a bit more comfortable. You are the one that sort of passed out, can I get you anything?" I replied.
"Well a few answers and some water would be nice."
"Sure, I'll get some water for you now, then we can talk."
"I feel fine, I'll come with you." Danny insisted.
We got up from the bed, Danny was a little shaky, but he got over it. Then we walked through to the kitchen.
"I assume this is your place."
"Good assumption." I replied, in a mocking tone.
We just laughed at each other. I don't even know why, I mean it wasn't really that funny, I think we just enjoyed making each other happy.
"Are you sure you don't want something a bit stronger?" I asked.
"No thanks. I still feel a little drowsy, plain water would be nice." Danny replied.
I reached into the fridge, and pulled out the jug of water. I open the cupboard above the fridge and got out a tall glass. Then I poured the water in, slowly, I looked up at him with the sexiest look I could muster. I figured we would have time to talk in the morning. If he was still there.

"You don't really want to talk do you?" said Danny.
"Not particularly. If you are going to blow me off, I really don't want to talk. On the other hand, if you don't blow me off, I can talk, even dirty if you want." I was gagging for it now, those damb lips.
"I wouldn't dare blow off a beautiful woman like you. It's just not like me."
"Oh really. What exactly are you like?" I said, with a smirk on my face.
"You'll see one day." Said Danny. He now also had a smirk on his face.
"How about today."

With that he slowly leaned into me. (I hope he doesn't do one of those trance things again, I personally prefer metal.) His lips were coming close to mine, I could feel him breathing on my face. Then our lips touched, and it was magic. I left my lips closed and only let us touch for a second. Then I pulled away. I opened my eyes to look at him, and his eyes were still closed. He was expecting more than that little peck, and I wasn't going to disappoint him. I quickly moved my lips towards his again, they touched and this time I opened my lips. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, he moved it from side to side, then up and down. It was now his chance to pull away. But I wasn't going to let him. I playfully bit his bottom lip, and pulled it back towards me with my teeth…

"Danny. Danny." A gruff voice echoed.
I opened my eyes and looked to my left. There I saw Alison sitting up right in the bed. Her eyes were closed, and there was a weird red light, emanating from within the chasms that were her eyes.
"Danny." She said again, in a voice that was not her own. It was deep and powerful.
"Danny." She said again.
"What is it?"
I sat up, leaned over and held her by her shoulders. The instant my hands touched her, I passed out again.

When I awoke, I was back in The Hall, Alison was looking down on me again, but this time she was actually there with me, in the Hall of Souls.
"What are you doing here?" Danny asked.
"I could say the same thing to you. Where are we?" she asked.
"I know it's hard to believe, but we're in another realm. This place we're in is called The Hall of Souls. I'll tell you more about it just now. I need to get up first though." I told her.
Alison moved out of the way and let me stand me. I looked around and it was the same as I remembered it. The throne was even there. But where was Albert?
"Right here Danny, right here." Said a voice.
I knew where he was, I looked at my throne, and there he was, in the same cape, I had to get myself one of those.
"I never knew you could read thoughts."
"You never asked. I wont be able to read yours for much longer." He replied.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked.
"You will soon be too powerful."

That was a strong statement. How could I suddenly get more powerful?
"With training young one." Albert said.
"That's getting creepy. Who is going to train me?" I asked.
"A girl, who happens to be standing, transfixed, next to you."
"Me?" Alison said, with a great amount of shock in her voice.
"Do you see anyone else?"
"Um…no. But if you want I can look." She retorted.
"I see you still have that dry sense of humor." He replied.
"What do you mean STILL?" Danny asked.
"Well we have met before. She just doesn't remember it. In fact she has visited here every night since she was six." Claimed Albert.
"But how?" she asked.
"Well that is something of a mystery. No body except for Nise'evuv can travel between realms. That is what we thought until she showed up, we took it as a sign. We didn't harm her at all, we actually helped her."
"What do you mean we?" Danny asked.
"Well there are more of us here, you just wont see any of them yet."
"What do you do down here? and what did you do when the gods where around?" asked Danny.
"We are and were their servants. We helped them in any way possible." He told us.
"Um…what is all this talk about gods?" Alison asked.

Albert proceeded to tell her the story about the gods, and it was exactly the same one he had told Danny, except for the part about Danny being the most powerful of all the gods.
When he had finished Alison said.
"But I know about these Holum. I was at work yesterday, I am a secretary for an Estate Agent, when a man came in to speak to our head salesperson, Pam. He had this weird robe on, it was made of a material that I have never seen before. I was genuinely interested so I asked him about it, he told me that it was a gown worn by all masters of The Holum. I had never heard of The Holum so I asked him about that to, he told me that it is a martial arts academy devoted to the practice of Kapawera. Once again I had never heard of that, so I asked him again, and once again he told me that Kapawera is a fighting style that is a bit like dancing. I didn't want to bother him any more so I left it at that. When I got home I looked it up on the net, it turn out that it is the style of fighting that Eddy from Tekken uses. Any ways, the man went into a long meeting with Pam, when he came out Pam seemed very happy about something. She wouldn't tell me what, but it was definitely something to do with the man from The Holum."
"I know Alison. That is why you are here." Albert said.
"Do you mean that this was all set up?!? Do you mean that these feelings I have aren't real?!?" I shouted.
"Calm down Danny, don't let your darker side cloud your vision. Alison isn't an agent of ours, we have just been training her to teach you, as we knew it was just a matter of time before you two met. What you are feeling is real. There is something that even we cannot decipher about the both of you. You have something very special, don't rune it. One more thing Danny, watch her eyes."

With that we were transported back to earth. Both Alison and I sat up dead straight. We both gasped for air, and held our heads.

"What the hell was that all about?' Alison asked.
"It was about hell." I replied.
"What do you mean?"
"You heard what he said about the gods. Well it turns out that I am Nise'evuv, I am going to be Satan…"