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"But how can that be Danny?" Asked Alison.
"Your guess is as good as mine." Danny replied.
"Why have I been going there since I was six? What did he mean about me training you?"
"Again, I don't know. I only went there for the first time a few hours ago. When I passed out in the alley, I was transported to The Hall, and that is the first I have heard about any of this stuff. I think that in time, answers will be revealed. So I guess we will just have to wait."

What has Albert taught me? How can I train Danny? I wonder what the side effects of going to that realm are? How did I get there this time?

"Danny. How did we get there?" I asked.
"I was sleeping, when I heard someone call my name, so I woke up, and looked over to you. You were sitting up, rigid, your eyes were closed, but there was a red light shining from within them. You just kept calling my name in a voice that wasn't yours, and when I answered, you just called me again. So I held your shoulders, and as we touched I passed out. When I woke up, we were both in The Hall, and you were looking down at me."

I just realized something.

"Oh my god. That bastard!" I shouted in rage.
"What's wrong? Who's a bastard?" Enquired Danny.
"Oh, nothing... Well there is something wrong, but I need to think about it before I tell anyone."
"Okay, when ever you are ready I'm here."
"Thank you."

I suddenly realized why men run away. Every night, I go into a trance, and get transported to that other realm. My guess is that when you look at me from earth, I am sitting up, calling Danny's name. That is why every one runs away. That is why I wake up alone, and it's all that wanker Albert's fault. I bet he planned it all, he made men run away, so that I would always be single. So that one-day when I met Danny, we would be able to be together. But he did it at a price that I paid. I swear I will gain my revenge on him one-day. He is the reason why I am so insecure. He is the reason why I have always felt alone, and helpless.

"Listen Alison, if you don't mind, I really need to go home. I've got work tomorrow, and I think we both need a little time alone. But I do really want to be with you. I want to spend every moment that I can with you. That is if you aren't mad at me."
"Sounds great, and I'm not mad with you. What makes you think that?"
"I dunno. Just the way you are acting towards me. You have every right to be cross after what happened tonight."
"No, I'm really not pissed off. I would love to see you again. How about dinner tomorrow?"
"Sure that sounds great. I'll pick you up at eight."

He got up and got dressed, I also got up, but I just wrapped the blanket around myself. Then we walked to the door and said our pleasantries. After the exchange of numbers and good byes, he leaned in to kiss me. It was even better than the last one. Then in the middle of the kiss he pulled out, just to torment me.
"Bye." Danny said.
That is exactly the type of thing I would do, you see I like to play. I was really starting to like this guy, even if he was Satan.

As I walked out of her front door, I got my bearings, Alison's house wasn't too far from mine. It was just a few blocks away from the bar we had been at earlier that night, and my house was few blocks after that, it would take me about fifteen minutes to walk home. I didn't mind. It was actually quite refreshing to be able to walk and think about what had happened to me today.

The day started out like every other day, I had nightmares, woke up, went to work, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Then I went out to a bar after work, and after meeting Alison, I forgot what ordinary was. Even Albert said we have something special. Then I went to that Hall, twice, and even thought I don't really like it there, I learnt a lot. I learnt too much, I mean all that information is like an overload. But I will just have to learn to live with it. What happens if not all of that is true, and what happens if I get the short end of the stick? Like in the movies. The bad guys always make bad deals. What was I thinking? This isn't the movies! Ah well, I guess it's like I said, answers will come, I will just have to wait for them. Right?

I came out of my trance and realized that I was already past the bar. I thought of going back to the scene of my crime, but I decided against it, it's just to cliché. As I said, this isn't the movies, the criminal doesn't always return to the crime scene. I looked up at the sky, it was pitch black, and the clouds were covering the stars. It was a full moon, and judging by the moon's position, it was about three in the morning. Just then I walked into something. I looked down to see a man on the floor.
"Sorry about that, I wasn't looking. Can I help you up?" I asked.
"Hell no you can't help me!" The man shouted.

That brought a smile to my face, he didn't know who he was talking to.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" He shouted.
"Listen bud. It was a mistake, I'm sorry. Now take my hand, I'll help you up."
He smacked my hand away, and stood up by himself.
"Don't give me any cheek boy." Said the man.
"I'm not looking for a fight, but if you're willing, I'll beat the shit out you." I said. I was starting to get pissed off at his attitude.

With that he pushed me back. That was it. I have had enough of his crap. I backed away from him. Then I bent my left knee, and moved my right leg back so that I could lean on it. I lifted up my left arm and straightened it, and then I bent my arm and turned my hand over, so that the palm of my hand was facing upwards. My fingers were straight, so I started to make a fist. I pulled in my pinky first, then in quick succession I brought my other fingers in, followed lastly by my thumb, which made a fist. It was a rippling effect that called him to attack me, almost like calling some one with your index finger, but this was more intimidating. Then I bent my right arm and touched my left shoulder, and then I brought my arm across and down my chest, until my opened hand was next to my chest. I then brought all my fingers except my thumb together. They were perpendicular to the palm of my hand, and the back of my hand was perpendicular to my wrist. I left my thumb parallel to the other fingers. It made a sort of claw. I was now ready for him. This was my battle stance.

I don't know where I got this stance from, but I liked it. At looked directly at the man, he looked scared, I think he thought I knew martial arts. He looked back at me, and then he turned and started to run away.

"Where the hell do you think you're going? You can't get all cocky then just run away! What type of a man would do that? You bloody woman! You know I'll beat the shit out of you! That's why you're running away. That's right, go run off to your mother! Go see what she has to say to you. You coward." I screamed.

The man stopped running and turned around to face me. Then he ran back towards me. He was screaming a battle cry, but it wouldn't help now. I was ready.

After hearing what the prick had to say about my mother, and all that talk about me being a coward, I didn't care if he looked mean any more. I was going to fight with him, and I was going to win. I was running fast, so I will bear down on him soon. He was still standing in that same scary stance, it made him look like some sort of superior being. But I didn't care, he was going down. I was starting to near him, so I shouted my own battle cry. It sounded like a bird being choked, but it was still my battle cry, and I don't care what it sounds like. I was about three meters away from him, and closing fast, I decided that I needed an advantage, so I jumped up and hoped that my speed would carry me to him. I straightened my left leg and bent my right leg, so that my right foot was under my left knee.

I was doing a flying kick, and I was about to hit him. I looked at him and he was just smirking. I was losing height rapidly, but I was still high enough, my left foot should strike him in the chest. He was just standing there the whole time, and then, as my foot was about to impact, he busted a move that was too fast for the naked eye to see...

I lifted my left foot up to my chest, and then I spun around to my left, with my leg still in the air. I built up momentum as I spun, by the time I had nearly completed the spin, I was moving way too fast for a human to see. I would have looked like a blur. The guy trying to give me a flying kick was going to be surprised when I hit him. When I looked at him, he was moving in slow motion. It was time for me to hit him. The heel of my left foot, impacted with the outside of his left knee. I felt the bone shatter from the sheer force of my kick. Once my foot had hit him I brought it down to the ground, to stop my revolution. I was facing the same way I was before I did the maneuver. He was still in slow motion, and he was starting to spin very slowly. He stayed at the same height in the air and just spun around in slow motion. It was a peculiar sight, it looked like he was floating. I would have to get used to this slow motion stuff, it seemed to happen whenever I got into fights. Maybe it's some sort of hormone, like adrenaline, that gets released when I'm angered. I need to learn how to control it. Why not start learning now?

With that I closed my eyes, and concentrated on subduing the effect. I said to myself that when I opened my eyes, time would be back to normal. Then I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. The man was still spinning slowly, and he hadn't spun much, he had turned about fifty degrees. I guess I couldn't control time, it just slowed down when it wanted to. Then something miraculous happened, the guy started to speed up, he was spinning faster and losing height. He was plummeting towards the ground. He did three full revolutions before he hit home.

He just lay there on the ground, whimpering and holding his leg. He was obviously in agony, his knee looked really horrible. The kneecap had no shape, and it wasn't holding his leg together. I held his chin with my hand, and pulled it up so that he was facing me. He looked at me then spat in my face, and pulled his head away from me. What an arrogant asshole. I was going to help him, but after that, I changed my mind. I wanted to see how bad the injury was, so I prodded his knee with my foot. The man howled in pain, he started to cry, and then he actually passed out from the unbearable pain.

This man had had enough, so I started to walk away, but then a thought struck me, this guy had started the fight, it was his fault, and the whole time, he had an incredibly bad attitude. On several occasions, I was going to walk away, but he had changed my mind. This man needed to be taught a serious lesson in life. So I stopped walking and turned around, then I walked back towards his shape on the floor. If no one else had ever taught him this, I sure would. I was going to teach him how to respect.

As I neared him, a sudden rush of anger and hatred flowed then ebbed and left me. It was an unfamiliar sense of power that I liked. Then a thought struck me. I will break his other knee. As I reached him, I lifted up my right foot, I positioned it right above his right knee. Then I tensed my muscles and let my leg pound down on him. My foot hit the top of his kneecap, it forced it downwards, and to the side. I heard a loud tear, I think it was the ligaments. He awoke again, screaming in pain, and then he passed out again after a moment. I had done my job. He had learned his lesson.